Beginners Guide to Vaping

What is vaping and how to do it?

What device do I use? How do I change my coils? What E-liquid is best fit for me? 

These are all common questions. If you are transitioning from cigarettes, vaping comes with a lot of information to consider. Choosing the right vape device or mod is one of the most important things to decide on. Read ahead for some tips and answers from our staff.

Choosing a Device


To start vaping, you will need to choose a device. Knowing what the different types, or styles, of vape mods is important. So we've placed the best devices in our opinion right on the main page! However, lets explain the differences in those devices. 

Starting off...

Pod Vapes

pod device

Now, Salt Devices, also called Pod Systems. Are higher resistance devices, they are typically built for higher nicotine vaping, and are the preferred device for new vapers making their transition from cigarettes. A Solid Salt Device that is economical would be the Suorin Air, which is on our main page.

Sub-Ohm Starter Kits

sub ohm device

    When you like to vape all day, and have the choice to change your batteries, as well as having more options to customize your vaping experience, then a sub-ohm starter kit is the best option for you! Typically, you would need to have external batteries ready to go (Usually Sold Separately), the lower resistance and higher wattage associated with sub-ohm vaping will drain your battery(ies) quicker so it's nice to have a backup set of batteries with sub-ohm kits. A Solid Sub-Ohm Kit for the biggest clouds would be the Snowwolf MFENG which is on our main page.

    Nicotine Strength

    Regular Vape Juice (Also Know As Freebase Nicotine Juice) comes in different levels. Most commonly 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. With a 3mg, you will find more flavor and less throat hit. If you are looking for a smoother flavorful vape that keeps you satisfied without much throat hit (harshness). A 3mg is the most popular option. Some want more nicotine and go for a 6mg. It all comes down to personal preference. 

    Nicotine Salts 

    Also an E-liquid most commonly called Nic Salts, is a stronger version of vape juice for use in pod devices.  The chemistry of the salt vape juice allows the nicotine to absorb quicker into the bloodstream which makes for a more satisfying vape to an ex-cigarette smoker. It is also balanced to provide less throat hit while allowing a much stronger nicotine strength. Nic Salts come in strengths from 25mg to 50mg nicotine most commonly. If you had a 50mg "Freebase Juice" it would be practically non-vapeable. That's where the magic of Nic Salt E-Juice comes in.

    How do I take a draw on my vape or inhale it? 

    There are 2 different ways, and it depends on the device you are using. The Pod Devices are typically (MTL) Mouth to lung. Which draws a lot like a cigarette. You would fill your mouth with vapor then inhale. Sub-ohm devices are typically Direct Lung (DG) which you would inhale directly with a full breath. Direct Lung Vaping offers much more vapor production and flavor as well.